With the treatments of photodepilation the elimination is definitive for the majority of treated hairs and we can expect besides a definitive reduction of the hairs, favorable changes of its characteristics. The hairiness becomes thinner and clear and with a lower rate of complications such as infections, ingrown hairs and cutaneous irritations.

It is important to note that the term Definitive Depilation is not the most appropriate, since it presupposes that once treated the hair will never exist again, myth mistakenly created, since no hair removal technique exists on the market is able to perform a definitive hair removal of all hair. The technically correct expression will be permanent hair removal.

The effects of the treatments are very effective in the medium and long term, and when associated with maintenance treatments, the success levels achieved by photodepilation are incomparable to any other existing method of hair removal on the market.

The total number of sessions required in a photodepilation treatment is variable according to the type of hair, skin phototypes, amount of hair, its location and hormonal behavior of each client, which when associated with factors such as color and thickness of the hair, the areas to be treated and the number of hairs at each growth stage will determine the number of sessions. The duration of each individual treatment session will always depend on the size of the area being treated. Generally, each set of sessions includes on average between 5 to 7 sessions for laser treatments and between 7 to 10 sessions for pulsed light treatments.

The skin is a living organ and is always in regeneration. This means that new hair follicles and consequently new hairs may arise. In this sense after the end of the treatment it may be necessary to perform annual maintenance sessions, essential to ensure the maintenance of the initial good results.

In the course of a normal treatment, the risk of marks is practically non-existent provided that all precautions are taken. In this way, it is essential to apply sunscreen factor 30 throughout the treatment and the application of Aloe Vera Gel with a soothing and regenerating action, during 5 days after each session.

It is essential to moisturize well the area under treatment, put on sunscreen and avoid sun exposure. It should also ensure that cosmetics placed in the treatment area do not contain alcohol or any type of perfume.

– Safety and efficacy: Permanent depilation does not hurt the skin and soften the pores;
– Suitable for various types of hair and skin: The distinct wavelength of this treatment solution allows the removal of hair in different people, different areas and different depths of skin;
– Simple treatment that does not require any preparation before each session;
– No recovery time or need for rest of the skin: You can return to normal activity soon after each session;
– Compared with other methods of depilation, the pulsed light provides a painless treatment.

DepilConcept`s PULSED LIGHT and LASER technology allows calibration of the equipment at safe energy levels for each skin type. By the type of skin determined by the specialized technique, so the energy to be used is chosen. In the case of the technology used by DepilConcept, the clearer the skin is the lower the level of energy to use. The types of skin on which we can perform permanent depilation include:
– Very light skin;
– Light skin;
– Less light skin (average);
– Light brown skin;
– Dark brown skin;
– Very dark brown skin.

If there is a medical history such as cardiovascular problems, carcinogenic problems, chemotherapy treatments, pacemakers, taking photosensitizing medication, pregnancy or breastfeeding and diabetes, it may not be advisable to perform the treatments. You should always consult a specialist and your doctor.

DepilConcept photodepilation treatments are designed to provide maximum comfort in your application, regardless of the area to be treated, and this method is described as comfortable when compared to other traditional methods, such as wax.

Phototherapy is a suitable treatment for body and face, through which pulses of intense light are used to penetrated the skin, correcting problems such as wrinkles, skin sagging, blemishes, acne, couperose and spills.

With this treatment some of the body`s structures selectively capture the heat and energy emitted by the pulsed light, dealing in depth effectively with different issues.

This is a fast, safe, gentle and non-invasive procedure that allows the skin to be homogenized, to give the body and face a healthy and rejuvenated look.

DepilConcept is based on a principle of applying treatments in a personalized way and adapted to the specific needs of each client. Based on the premise each diagnosis is unique and implies a specific type of treatment and an adequate number of sessions, and the price may vary according to these factors.