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Stress, demanding physical activities, natural aging process and even some health conditions, wear out our bodies and result in visible skin problems that can inhibit healthy self-esteem and overall physical and psychological well-being.

Skin blemishes, acne and spills are some of the conditions that can arise and at DepilConcept you can find several phototherapy treatments that allow you to solve these problems effectively. Learn more from a DepilConcept consultant!


Spills are small blood vessels visible on the skin with the appearance of very thin strands of bluish, reddish or even purplish. Its appearance is a consequence of the weakening of the structure that makes up the wall of the veins, and may be aggravated by several factors such as sedentary lifestyle, overweight, constant exposure to hot environments, among others. Capillary fragility may also be linked to aging, as this process makes the veins more fragile and thin, weakening the blood circulation.

The use of intense pulsed light for the treatment of spills has shown excellent results, not only in attenuation but also in the complete elimination of visible capillary fragility. The application of the intense pulsed light spectrum allows vasodilatation and blood flow to be increased, eliminating spills and consequently associated symptoms such as weight in the legs, pain and tiredness, and avoiding the evolution of this condition for varicose veins, which is a real risk for your health.

There is no defined rule for the set of treatments. On average, its necessary 10 sessions to be performed weekly.

Make your free evaluation appointment and find out which treatment is the most suitable for you.


More common on the face, blemishes can also appear on other areas of the body such as hands, arms and chest. The multiplicity of factors can trigger this production of deficient melanin, such as excessive sun exposure, use of contraceptives and antibiotics, diabetes, thyroid problems and even heredity, make this a common problem, which affects the confidence and self-esteem.

When blemishes appear the uniformity of the skin is changed, getting a more aged and unhealthy appearance. This situation implies the constant discomfort and the necessity to disguise imperfections, creating inhibitions and malaise.

Photorejuvenation with intense pulsed light allows to create a regression in the process of appearance of the blemish, by stimulating the cellular renewal. Upon treatment, the emitted light is absorbed by the excess melanin in the spots and converted to heat. This conversion eliminates pigmented cells without damaging the skin and homogenizes the entire skin eliminating any benign pigmentation of the skin, such as freckles, sun spots, aging spots, among others.

The number of treatments required will depend on the time and depth of the spot to be treated and will be indicated after a specialized evaluation.

Make your free evaluation appointment and find out which treatment is the most suitable for you.


Although more common on the face, acne can arise in other areas of the body like arms, chest or back. Considered an inflammatory disease caused by hormonal changes that increase the stimulation of sebum by the sebaceous glands, acne results in the appearance of pimples, blisters and blackheads that can create scars on the skin. The appearance of acne can easily generate discomfort and even emotional problems, so its treatment in addition to improving the appearance of the skin, also promotes the improvement of personal self-esteem.

Phototherapy with pulsed light presents very effective results in the treatment of Acne by eliminating the bacteria responsible for this inflammation, very sensitive to light. This treatment allows the reduction of the inflammatory and the infectious process of acne, improving the appearance of acne, and the successive use of the treatment even allows the bacteria to be destroyed completely avoiding the appearance of new outbreaks of infection.

There is no defined rule for the set of treatments, depending on the severity of the acne. On average, its necessary 10 sessions to be performed weekly, followed by the maintenance treatments. After a treatment,

the redness will disappear, the inflammation of the acne will control itself and the excretion of the sebum will be reduced and balanced.

Make your free evaluation appointment and find out which treatment is the most suitable for you.

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